Chapter Two: Judith’s Unexpected Gift

Generation One: Judith Thiago


 Chapter Two: Judith’s Unexpected Gift


After a particularly exhausting day at work, Judith visited Ian at his house. He had quite the bachelor pad, with a gorgeous front yard and massive home gym. They had been dating for a month, and wanted to celebrate with a night out, but again Judith’s job had gotten in the way, so it looked like it would be another night in. Ian was understanding, of course, but he did wish they could do the normal couple things, like going out to eat on cheesy month anniversaries. Judith was also getting tired of never getting home until after dark, but this was the price she had to pay in order to work for Ms. Vanderburg. Already she was starting to be trusted with real campaigning work, talking to people about why they should vote for Ms. Vanderburg. She couldn’t get burnt out right as things were starting to pick up.


Ian worked hard, too. The two were lucky to have each other, as they were able to provide the most effective stress reliever. But that certainly wasn’t all there was to their relationship. Neither of them had mustered up the guts to say it, as it felt too soon, but both of them were falling in love.


The next day Ms. Vanderburg had a speaking engagement at the summer festival. Judith took a moment before the press arrived to enjoy the park and everything it had to offer. She used to love spending time in public parks. It was the perfect mix of nature and people. She had yet to explore the parks in Hidden Springs. When things slowed down at work she would have to visit some with Ian.


Things kept breaking down in Judith’s little house. That seemed to be the price of buying cheap appliances. Judith didn’t have the money to hire someone to fix things, so she did the only thing she knew how, and borrowed a library book about plumbing. At least that was she was being productive with her spare time, and saving money for a nicer house.


It wasn’t difficult to build a nicer house than the one she was living in at first. At least now she had more than one room. Even still, her house left a lot to be desired, but it also left room to grow.


Sunday morning, Ian came to visit. He was so excited, still coming off the high from last nights game. He’d actually scored, and the coach had complemented him in the locker room. Pretty good for a rookie, especially one who hadn’t been a top pick.
“Coach says he thinks I have a future on the team,” Ian beamed.
“That’s awesome, babe!” Judith was so proud of him. To be honest, she wasn’t very savvy when it came to sports, and didn’t really understand the hierarchy and positions, but she could still tell that that was good news.


“Jude,” Ian began, embracing her. “I think I’m in love with you. Wait, scratch that. I am in love you.”
Judith said nothing for a moment, but then kissed him.
“Yeah,” She agreed. “Me too.”
“That future my coach was talking about?” Ian asked.
“Wanna be part of it?”
“Yeah,” Judith grinned, and kissed him again.


Campaign season had come to a close, and it seemed like Judith would be out of a job. Ms. Vanderburg decided otherwise, saving Judith from a part time job in the grocery store. Now a fully fledged paid intern, Judith had to change up her wardrobe and be ready to do whatever was asked of her. It might not have been a massive step up, but the pressure to impress was enough to make Judith incredibly nauseous. She ran to the building from the carpool, praying to make it to the bathroom.


She didn’t get that lucky. Fortunately she was able to make it behind a pillar, so her coworkers didn’t have to see her lose her breakfast, but it was still totally embarrassing. She hurried to find a janitor, and helped him clean up the mess. Other than her pride, she felt much better, and was able to complete her first official work day as planned.


Judith had the night off, and Ian was working, so she took a trip over to the Hidden Springs gym, which was open to the public. Gyms had never been her thing, but Ian really wanted to go running together, and Judith didn’t want to seem totally out of shape. So she hit the treadmill, and promptly fell after over-estimating how fast she should set it. Quite a few gym rats witnessed it, and while it wasn’t the most flattering way to present herself, she was able to make a new friend who helped her figure out how to use the equipment properly. So it turned out to be a win after all.


It only took a few days of mysterious nausea for Judith to figure out that it wasn’t just nerves. She bought a pregnancy test, and in the few seconds it took to give an answer she went from hoping it was negative to praying it was positive and then back again. As she’d suspected, she was pregnant.
“I’ll figure it out,” She said aloud, sort of to herself but also to the baby inside her. “I always work things out. We’ll be okay.”
Money would be a bit of a problem, she was sure Ian would help, and the two of them combined made enough. Her job might be a problem. She would be able to finish her official internship, which was only three months, but there had been intent to hire included, and she wasn’t sure where maternity leave would fit into all of that. More than anything, though, she just wanted to tell Ian.


“I’m going to be a dad!” Ian exclaimed, eyes lighting up. Judith had invited him over for lunch, and didn’t hesitate to tell him as soon as he arrived.
“I know, it’s crazy,” Judith couldn’t help but share his excitement, despite the worry she’d been feeling earlier.
“What are we going to name him?” Ian asked.
“Him? What makes you think it’s a boy?”
“I just know it.”
“I think she’s a girl,” Judith shrugged. “I guess we’ll see.”


After lunch, Ian told Judith to stay at the table while he got something. He fumbled around in his gym bag for a second before returning.
“I’ve been waiting for the right time to do this, and I think now is the best I’m going to get,” He began. “Judith, we haven’t know each other long. But I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I love you. I love the time we spend together, I love your passion and your humor and your smile. I have never been happier in my life than I have been in the two months we’ve known each other. Will you marry me?”
“Yes, of course!” Judith managed through her happy tears.


The two spent the rest of the evening snuggling and planning. Ian would be moving into Judith’s house, because her lot was bigger and she had the spare bedroom. Judith would be keeping her last name, as she was an only child and also didn’t really see the need too. The wedding would be after the baby was born, to take the pressure off trying to plan everything at once. Of course there was still much to do, but together, Judith and Ian felt invincible.


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