Chapter Three: Judith’s Wedding and Baby

Generation 1: Judith Thiago


Chapter Three: Judith’s Wedding and Baby


With Ian came his cat, Izzie. She wasn’t thrilled about the move, and wasn’t a massive fan of Judith, either, mostly because she wasn’t used to sharing Ian. Judith gave Izzie tons of treats and attention, but it didn’t have a large effect. Izzie still just wanted Ian all to herself, and showed it by snubbing Judith and constantly trying to get between then in bed at night.


Nine months isn’t as long as one might think, and before she knew it, Judith’s due date was around the corner. She’d planned a natural home birth, and decided not to use the pain killers the hospital usually offered. Her water broke the day before her official due date, and she labored at home for a few hours before calling her midwife. Ian was great through the whole process. He’d rehearsed his role in his mind over and over, and so when the time came to hold Judith’s hand and count her through her pushes, he was ready. Labor took six hours in total, and Baby Thiago arrived at eleven o’clock at night, just an hour before the due date.


Judith was totally exhausted, but seeing her son’s face was a moment she would remember in perfect clarity for the rest of her life. He was an average sized little guy, weighing 7.5 pounds exactly. Ian and Judith named him Percival Sebastian Thiago, Percival after Ian’s father who had passed away three years earlier, and Sebastian after Judith’s father. He’d be called Percy, though. Ian had been dreaming of having a little boy named Percy since he was a teenager, and Judith was happy to agree.


At just ten days old, Percy started to grab the bottle while Daddy fed him. Judith did some frantic Googling, to see if this was normal or if he was developing more quickly than most newborns, and was realized to see it was fine, he was just strong for his age. Ian was thrilled by this, and saw it as proof that his little boy would be a sports star.


Judith had made quite a few friends in the community during her time campaigning with Ms. Vanderburg, most notably Miss Vanderburg, the black sheep of the Vanderburg family. Francisca was an outdoorsy type, who preferred hikes to campaign dinner parties and smartly dressed constituents. Judith identified with this sentiment, and bonded with her bosses daughter, much to Ms. Vanderburg’s delight. She was glad to see her daughter have such an ambitious friend. Judith seemed to be one of the few things that the Vanderburg women could agree on, and so when the two offered to throw her a bachelorette party, she couldn’t refuse. They brought in a bar and roll out dance floor. Ian pitched in with some balloons and an offer to take Percy with him to visit a friend so she could have the evening to herself. Judith was excited to see the friends she’d been missing the past month since Percy was born.


The party was great. Not only did many of Judith’s friends show, but they brought along some other ladies that she hadn’t met, which enabled her to do one of her favorite things and meet some new people. Someone even hired a ‘dancer’, which nearly made Ms. Vanderburg’s head explode. Francisca wouldn’t say if she was responsible, but Judith could tell by the smug smile on her face that she was. All in all, the night was a great success. Judith couldn’t thank the Vanderburg’s enough for providing such a fantastic experience. Ms. Vanderburg told her she could make it up to her by coming back from maternity leave refreshed and ready to go.

9 8 7 10

The wedding was everything Judith and Ian had hoped for. The only ones there were the minister and Percy. Judith’s parents were unable to travel anymore, and Ian’s were no longer living, so they had no family they wanted to invite, and while they did have friends, they would rather just share this special moment with each other and their baby. Judith looked amazing in her dress. It was tea length and slightly casual, to match Ian’s button down collared T-shirt. They weren’t the type for puffy gowns and tuxes, so this simple ceremony was a perfect reflection of them and the life they would share.


Ian’s teammates pulled together an incredibly generous wedding gift. Everyone gave a little, and the total was staggering. The newlyweds were able to upgrade their house and provide Percy with a much more homey atmosphere than the previous iteration. Judith was constantly shocked by the generosity of the people in her life, and this was no exception. She spent three days hand making thank you cards, with pictures from the wedding and of Percy in his new bedroom, for Ian to hand out at work.


The only thing that Ian missed about his life before moving in with Judith was his home gym. They didn’t have the money or the space for gym equipment now, and so he had to settle for using work out tapes and going to the gym. He was okay with it, as he knew in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t the end of the world, but he had to admit he was a little tired of doing P90X work outs.


Percy was starting to get so big. He wasn’t even ten months old, and yet he was experimenting with walking on his own. He hadn’t gotten there quite yet, but Judith and Ian could tell he would get there any day. He was also extremely expressive, and could communicate pretty much any emotion with just his eyes. Ian knew he was biased, but he couldn’t help but think Percy was the cutest baby he’d ever seen.


Percy began walking for real at about ten months, after Ian had let go of his hands while they were walking together, and Percy just kept going. He seemed sort of shocked at what he’d done at first, before getting really proud of himself and laughing while Ian yelled for Judith to come see.


Potty training didn’t come as easy as walking did. They had decided to start Percy early, as he was ahead of the norm in most other areas, but this one apparently would have to wait. Percy had no problem sitting on the potty, but didn’t understand what he was supposed to do while he was there. Judith was a bit disappointed that her sons early development didn’t extend to this. It would have been nice to not have to keep changing diapers. She’d opted for cloth, as it was better for the environment and their budget, but it wasn’t fun to wash them. She was lucky that Ian was such a good sport about helping with everything.


Judith’s garden was starting to be a real source of good, organic vegetables for the family. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it. Organic produce was insanely expensive, and if it weren’t for the garden Judith and Ian wouldn’t be able to afford the local and pesticide free vegetables that they enjoyed so much. There was no way Judith would feed Percy something that had been shipped from God knows where when she could just grow it herself.


Married life wasn’t easy. Money was tight, and free time was sparse, but Judith and Ian didn’t regret it for a second. They had all that they needed. One night after putting Percy down, Ian pulled Judith into his arms and kissed her.
“Wow,” Judith grinned. “What was that for?” Sudden acts of romance weren’t as common as they were when they were dating.
“I just love you,” Ian replied. “That’s all.”
“Love you too,” Judith kissed her husband back. “That’s all.”


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