Chapter Five: Judith’s Fully Middle Class Life

Generation One: Judith Thiago


Chapter Five: Judith’s Fully Middle Class Life


With Judith’s new position and income, the Thiago-Nali’s were able to build a second story to their house, as well as a nice brick drive way and fence. The lot was now a very homey environment, clearly much nicer than the way it started out.


The second story contained another bathroom, bedroom, and deck, but the best part was the gym. Ian was overjoyed by the new addition, and would certainly not miss his work out tapes that he would be able to exchange for weight equipment.


Ian invited Judith and Percy to join him in the gym on a regular basis, but neither of them were super interested. Ian wasn’t bothered by this. He was happy to pump iron on his own, or with Izzie keeping a watchful eye over him.


Judith and Ian’s promise to Percy came true. After searching Pet Finder for a few months, they adopted Alma, an older dog who was already pretty well trained and loved kids. Percy was completely in love from the instant they met, and Alma seemed to like the attention. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Alma proved to be a great addition to the Thiago family. She was so loyal and lovable, and a great pet for a child. They were lucky to have her.


While Percy was great with Alma, and a brilliant little painter, he had a very difficult time with the more academic parts of his life. Math and science seemed to some so easily to everyone else in his class, and he started to feel left in the dust. Whenever the teacher asked if anyone had questions, no one would raise their hands. Percy certaintly didn’t want to look dumb in front of his friends, and so he would keep quiet as well, even though he didn’t understand the topics.


Judith had a sit down with her son one morning before school to talk about his poor grades.
“It’s embarrassing,” Percy sighed. “Nobody else needs help.”
“You don’t know that, bud. Maybe they are doing the same thing you are and hiding it,” Judith pointed out. “How would you feel about an after school tutor? Would that help you feel less embarrassed?”
“No one at school would know?”
“Not unless you tell them,” Judith promised.
“Okay,” Percy agreed. “As long as I can still do the art after school program, too.”


Signing Percy up for art classes was the best thing Judith and Ian had ever done for him. He was adored by the teacher, and he excelled at pretty much every project. His confidence went through the roof as soon as he had a brush in hand, and they were sure this would keep him out of trouble as he got older. He wouldn’t do anything to risk being taken out of the art program, which had strict rules about the conduct of its young artists.


Though Alma was a model pet in every other way, the Thaigo-Nali’s couldn’t get her to stop digging holes in the yard. She was some sort of terrier mix, so it was instinctual for her to dig for moles and the like, but the yard was staring to look like a war zone. Luckily she only dug in the back yard, however, and so they decided to let it go. Neither Ian or Judith had time to try and undo the damage, and it wasn’t extremely noticeable from the front of the house, anyway. All they could do was scold her whenever the caught her doing it.


Katarina Vanderburg had decided to run for president. She’d been a senator for over ten years, and had been governor before that, and now she was going to try and go all the way. Judith would of course be backing her campaign. While on her way to a press conference, Judith couldn’t help but beam with pride. The first time Ms. Vanderburg had Judith working on her campaign it was in the lowest possible capacity. Now, Judith’s endorsement would be crucial to Ms. Vanderburg having a chance to get the nomination. She couldn’t believe how quickly she’d ascended the ladder. And she owed most of it to Ms. Vanderburg’s guidance.


Ian and Judith were both incredibly busy, with Judith doing her work as governor and campaigning yet again with Ms. Vanderburg, and Ian travelling for games every week. It was hard to spend time just the two of them, as they prioritized time as a family over time as a couple. Ian came home late one nigh after Judith and Percy were asleep, and noticed the stars were particularly beautiful. He rushed to wake up Judith and dragged her outside in her nightgown to stargaze with him. After only a few minutes, it started to drizzle, which turned quickly into a steady rain. The one cloud in the sky was apparently right on top of them. Judith refused to go back inside.
“You woke me up in the middle of the night to watch the stars. I’m not going to let the weather ruin one of the most romantic things you’ve ever done!” She said, determined.
Ian grinned and kissed her.
“I love you,” He reminded her.
Judith leaned into his chest and sighed contentedly. “And I you,” She said.


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