Chapter Six: Teenage Percy

Generation One: Judith Thiago


Chapter Six: Teenage Percy


As much as she would have liked to, Judith couldn’t stop Percy growing up, and before she knew it, he was a teenager, interested in girls and constantly texting. At least he’s still into art just as much as he was a child, if not more.


Percy was already thinking about how to woo a girl in his class. He wasn’t in the ‘popular’ crowd, but everyone knew about his painting skills, and he’d heard a rumor that his crush liked one of the paintings he gave his teacher to hang in her classroom. So he decided to invite her over to his place. He’d wanted to go out, but Judith and Ian didn’t think he was old enough for that. But he was determined to do something special anyway.


Percy thought that Valerie Song was absolutely gorgeous, and he was thrilled that she liked him enough to come over.
“For you,” He said, trying to sound as suave as possible.
Valerie gasped. “Oh! Thank you, they’re beautiful!”


After an awkward second, Percy reached up and touched Valerie’s cheek, the way he’d seen his dad do with his mom.


But just as Percy had begun to consider going in for a kiss, Judith walked in and began asking Valerie all sorts of questions, covertly trying to figure out if she would be a good first girlfriend for her son. She seemed to be a nice enough girl. Judith discovered that she was acquainted with Val’s father, who was a very nice man, and so Judith was able to settle her fears for a bit. She still felt uncomfortable with Percy being into girls all of a sudden, but she understood that he was growing up and there was nothing she could do about that.


Valerie went home after a nice little visit, and though no kissing took place, Percy still felt very pleased with himself. Judith and Ian let out a sigh of relief as their son went back to his paintbrushes. They weren’t ready for this whole girlfriend thing.


The Thiago-Nali’s decided to buy a dog house for Alma. Alma loved being out in the summer air, but her fluffy coat necessitated some shade. The house was massive compared to little Alma, but it was still a great sleeping spot for her.


Another summer addition to the lot was a massive pond, which Judith made sure to stock with local fish, and hoped that she would create a little eco-system in her back yard.


Ian was at an away game when Judith got a call from Ms. Vanderburg.
“Judith, listen,” She began. “I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the past fifteen years. You’re a wonderful person, a wonderful politician, and a wonderful friend.”
“Oh,” Judith said, taken aback. “Thank you. Where is this coming from?”
“At this point I think we can assume I’ll get the nomination. I know we can’t be sure until it happens, but the chances are high. I want you to be my vice president,” Ms. Vanderburg explained. Judith nearly dropped the phone.
“Oh my God,” She stammered. “Of course, if you think it’s the best choice,” She managed to compose herself rather quickly, but inside she was freaking out.
“You’re extremely well liked. You have an agenda and you carry it out. That’s not common, and it’s refreshing. Besides, you’re rather young, and I think many demographics will identify with you.”
Because I’m black, Judith thought. “Yes, I think you’re right.”
“Don’t say yes or no right now. Talk it over with your husband and son. Call me tomorrow, I’m going to be on ABC News next week and if you say yes I’d like to have you come on with me,” Ms. Vanderburg said, and hung up.
Judith sat in silence for a moment, and then picked up Alma. “What do you think, pup?” She asked. “Vice President Thiago? Does that sound like a plan?”


Percy was still doing the best he could in school, but even with the tutor he was having a hard time getting the grades he wanted. He felt like the soon to be vice president’s son should be on honor roll.


He may have had a difficult time at school, but in art he found solace. He was finally able to convince Judith to let him go out on a date, as long as it was to somewhere public. Of course he chose to bring Valerie to the art gallery.


Unfortunately, Valerie’s mother made her bring her little sister along. Percy was able to convince Noella to go and look at the art upstairs and leave he and Val alone for a while. They didn’t make the best babysitters, but at least they sent her somewhere with no exits.


Valerie and Percy shared their first kiss, a wet, sloppy, and slightly unpleasant experience, but they were both unaware of this. To them it seemed like the perfect kiss.


Judith and Ian were both busy as ever. Ms. Vanderburg had gotten the nomination, and now she and Judith were running the fiercest campaign Judith had ever been a part of. Ian was still travelling often for his games. No one really had time to make dinner, and Percy was sick of take out, and so he took it upon himself to learn to cook. Judith and Ian were grateful, but felt bad that they were unable to provide a more normal home life for their son.


Percy wasn’t too bothered by it, though. He was a happy kid, and didn’t need much to keep him that way. He’d actually been nominated to be prom king, and though he was sure he wouldn’t get it, knowing someone liked him enough to put his name in was enough to keep him elated for days. He and Valerie were going to prom as boyfriend and girlfriend, which also made him very excited for the night. Judith and Ian helped him get ready in his nice blue suit, and he headed off, confident and happy.


Percy and Val took this silly prom picture, starting out the night well. To make things better, Percy was voted prom king. He couldn’t believe it! His friend Jan Mendoza was prom queen, and they had a fun dance together. Valerie was jealous of that, and made a bit of a scene, but Percy wouldn’t let that get him down. He still had a great night, and in the end, Val was his girlfriend and she had nothing to worry about.


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