Chapter One: Rushing Into Things

Generation Two: Percival Thiago


Chapter One: Rushing Into Things


Percival Thiago became a charming, attractive young man. He was a friendly, excitable, and frugal like his mother, and of course he was still a talented artist. He also discovered a passion for photography. His dream was to spread happiness, or at least thoughtfulness, with his art and photos.


Now that Percy was out of school, he did his best to help out around the house. Painting wasn’t a full time job, and so he had some time on his hands. Judith was grateful for the help, especially in the garden.


Percy and Valerie were still going strong.  Now that they were graduated, Valerie was ready to start on her plans.
“You remember how I have cousins in Mongolia?” She asked, taking his hands.
“Yeah,” Percy nodded.
“I thought maybe we could go and visit them, and then tour through as much of Asia as we like,” Valerie suggested hopefully.
“That sounds amazing,” Percy said. “But I don’t care what we do, as long as we’re together.”


“Valerie Song, will you marry me?” Percy pulled out the ring he had bought with the money he earned from selling five of his paintings.
“Oh my God!” Val squealed.




That night Percy told the news to his parents.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Judith asked, concern in her eyes.
“Of course, I love her,” Percy frowned. He’d thought his parents would be happy for him.
“It’s just, you’re so young,” Judith explained. “And you don’t have a job.”
“I know Mom, but don’t worry. I’ll make it work.”


Valerie’s parents had the same reaction, and so the two decided to just elope that night in front of the fountain.


Valerie was beautiful, even without a traditional dress.


The two were as young and in love as two people could be.


Percy and Val spent their first night together, and afterwards laid there in silence, just gazing lovingly into each others eyes. Percy knew that this was anything but a mistake.


Valerie was also unemployed. She was a pretty good guitar player, though, and figured once they got back from their many travels she’d planned she could get a job playing in bars and cafes if she wanted too.


Judith felt incredibly awkward around Valerie. She seemed to be very entitled, and after moving in hadn’t made any attempt to help with chores and bills. And so Judith hid away in the upstairs bedroom, while she wasn’t campaigning. The election season was coming up in about a year, and so she decided to throw her hat into the ring before anyone else in her party could.


Percy decided to add a puppy to his life. He missed having a dog around, and so he went down to the local animal shelter, and after a few trips was able to adopt this little guy, who he named Domingo.


Domingo fit in well in the house. The tension over Percy and Valerie’s marriage was surpassed by his cuteness, and he brought the family together more than anything else.


Life was much different around the Thiago-Nali house. What a difference a few months can make. Not all of it was for the best, but that’s life. At the end of the day, Judith knew she needed to get over anxieties and fears and support her son.


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