Chapter Seven: Growing Older

Generation One: Judith Thiago


Chapter Seven: Growing Older


Judith was now the vice president of the country. This prompted Ian to finally retire. He was getting to old to be a professional athlete, and Judith just didn’t have the time to take care of household chores, worry about Percy, and handle her new responsibilities. And so Ian became a stay at home dad, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Alma liked having him home all day to play with, and suddenly the house became a lot cleaner.


The Thiago-Nali’s finally added a garage, something they had been hoping to do for a few years. It was quite the project, but they were happy to have it done. It would make life so much easier.


They had decided not to make it very large, they didn’t want to end up with a garage full of junk like so many people had. So they just put in the space for Judith and Ian’s cars.


That is, of course, for the artist’s loft they put in for Percy. Percy was ecstatic. It had everything he wanted, an easel, sculptor’s wheel, and even a drafting table. It was heaven on earth as far as he was concerned.


Percy’s art teacher was pushing him to try things that he normally would avoid. Usually he mostly did abstract paintings, but she wanted him to stretch himself and try more realistic work. So he painted random people, just to get the feel for it.


Sculpting proved to be more difficult for Percy than painting, but it was still a lot of fun. In fact, smacking the hammer into the clay was quite the stress reliever.


Ian was working in the garden when Judith arrived home late at night. He swept her up and kissed her. The two were still completely in love. No number of years would ever change that.


And come the years did. Judith wasn’t afraid of old age, though. In fact, she was hoping that now that she was older, she would be taken seriously as a candidate in the next presidential election, in which Ms. Vanderburg had decided not to run.


They had known this was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier. Alma had to be put down. She passed happily, though, being stroked by her best friend.


Percy couldn’t believe she was gone. It was so hard to come home, expecting to see her there waiting for him, or to sleep at night without her at the foot of his bed.


Judith did her best to comfort Percy, but there wasn’t much she could do.
“I feel so dumb, Mom,” he sniffled. “It’s been three weeks. I’m graduating in five days. Why am I still crying?”
“You’re mourning, buddy. There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” She whispered, gathering him in her arms. It was going to be an emotional few weeks. Percy would be a graduate in a matter of days, and though it would be exciting, it would also be scary. Alma’s death cast a shadow over it all, and all they could do was be there for each other. Lucky for the Thiago-Nali family, that’s what they were best at.


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