Chapter Two: Plans Interrupted

Generation Two: Percival Thiago


Chapter Two: Plans Interrupted


After just a month of marriage, Valerie discovered she was pregnant. She felt really ill, with morning sickness lasting pretty much all day long. Percy was over the moon, and made it his duty to take care of his wife. He was at her beck and call, bringing her ginger tea and crackers in bed, and rubbing Shea butter on her belly every night to make sure she didn’t get stretch marks. He was secretly hoping for a little girl.


Percy was still on the job hunt, more desperately than ever because of the baby. It was a tough economy, though, and he knew he would have to take anything he could get. What he really wanted was something that would allow him to use his creativity, but those jobs just didn’t seem to exist for someone with very few connections to the art world outside of local art teachers. He put in his resume at a local law firm who are looking for a secretary, and he finally got an interview. It was about as far from his dream as he could get, but he was willing do anything for his family. It wasn’t about what he wanted, it was about what was best for the baby. While he waited for the interview, he made himself useful around the house. Val wasn’t feeling up to helping, and so he did her share of chores, too.


Valerie began fainting quite a bit about five weeks into her pregnancy. It scared Percy to death, but the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. Ian and Judith noticed she only fainted in front of someone, and started questioning the legitimacy of her condition. They hadn’t lived with her long, but already they could tell it was something she would do. Judith called her out, saying the constant falling over couldn’t be good for the baby.
“I am not faking anything,” Val gasped, appearing to be taken aback. “I cannot believe you would accuse me of something like this!”
Judith rolled her eyes. “I’m a politician, dear. I can tell when someone is lying.”


Domingo didn’t notice the tension between the women in the house. He was still a little ray of sunshine.


Izzie, however, wasn’t a huge fan of him. She had taken to sleeping outside in Alma’s old dog house, just to spite Domingo.


Ian soon joined his wife in old age, just in time for his first grandchild. He was ready to be a proper grandpa, and couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive.


Izzie too was getting older. She was a good cat. She’d always been there for Ian over the past 23 years, requiring nothing in return, other than food and pats.


Percy got the job at the law firm. He would be a secretary, which was far from his dream job, but he was excited to start anyway. His first day was a week away, and he knew he would have any time to sculpt and paint once he was working a nine to five, and soon taking care of a baby, so he spent as much time as possible in his loft before it all began.


Judith tried to get over her distrust of Valerie, for the sake of her unborn grandchild.
“Have you thought of names yet?” She asked.
“Percy likes really weird names,” Val complained. “I wanted Haley or Hunter, but he hates those. He wants Ophelia or Peregrine, which are just way to crazy for me.”
Judith laughed. “You’ll just have to compromise.”
“I am not saddling my child with a name like any of the ones he likes,” Val wrinkled her nose. Judith sighed. Was Valerie trying to be insufferable?


Percy and Valerie decided to find out the sex of their child. Percy got his wish, and got the confirmation that he was going to have a baby girl. They were still fighting over the name, but Percy was pushing hard to give her an unusual name.


“So when are we going to book tickets?” Val asked Percy with a smile.
“Tickets for what?” Percy asked, honestly confused.
“For our trip, babe! To Mongolia!”
“Um, I have a job, now, and we can’t bring the baby…” Percy trailed off.
“I know, but you can take time off, and your parents can watch the baby for a few months while we’re gone,” Val pleaded.
Percy pulled away from her, shocked. “Are you serious? We can’t do that, there’s no way we’re leaving our baby for any length of time, now while she’s an infant. There’s no way you’re serious.”
Valerie’s eyes watered up. “But, our trip!”
“Got canceled when you got pregnant,” Percy said coldly. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It had to be hormones talking. Valerie couldn’t mean what she said.


Judith and Ian certainly weren’t having marital troubles. Judith managed to get the nomination for her party, and now would just have to run against the other party’s nominee. She and Ian were both so happy that she had made it this far, and celebrated in their own way, as they always did.


Sad as it was, it was time for Izzie to be put down. Recently she’d been having troubles, and they didn’t want her to be in pain. They laid her to rest next to her old friend Alma, and sad as it was, they knew she had lived a long, happy life.


Puppies can’t stay puppies for long, and soon Domingo was fully grown, although he still had his playful, silly personality.


Valerie went into labor right on schedule. She’d planned a home birth, with Judith’s help, but after a few hours of labor at home they decided to take her into the hospital, as the pain was so bad that she couldn’t stop pushing, despite not being fully dilated.


After eight grueling hours of labor and two days in the hospital for observation for the baby, who’s heart rate was a little slow at first, Valerie and Percy emerged with their daughter, who they named Fanchon Haley Thiago.


It was love at first sight for Percy. Fanchon was perfect. Every time he looked at her he fell more in love. He felt so blessed that he and Val had the opportunity to raise this wonderful little person they had made together.
“Thanks for being my daughter,” He said, holding his little girl close, breathing in her new baby smell. “I promise I won’t screw up.”


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