Chapter Five: Moving On?

 Generation Two: Percival Thiago


Chapter Five: Moving On?


Greer was an adorable little thing. Percy couldn’t get over her big brown eyes and ever serious expressions, as if she was studying the world around her, trying to figure everything out. Occasionally he would look at her, and realize what Valerie was missing out on.


The girls were such precious joys in Percy’s life. It had been two years since Valerie left. He’d expected her to come back after a month or two, unable to stay away from her children, but he’d been wrong. She hadn’t even emailed or texted him.


Ian offered to babysit the girls to allow Percy to visit Jan one on one. They hadn’t seen each other since Judith passed away, when Jan had watched the kids for him, and he hadn’t really thanked her.
“How are you doing?” Jan asked, hugging him as soon as he arrived.
“It’s been tough, but we’re getting there. Dad’s doing better that I thought he would,” Percy said.
“Good. That’s good. It’s only been a few months, as well. I promise it gets even easier as time goes on.”


“Percy, I’ve been thinking. About my life, my divorce, my happiness, and I realized it’s okay for me to move on. It’s okay that I want to find love again.”
“Yeah, I’ve thought that too,” Percy admitted. About you, he added silently.
“I had to make myself believe that I deserve happiness. And that moving on isn’t going to hurt my daughter.”
“You’re right,” Percy agreed, and then took a leap of faith, and lightly touched her hand.
“You aren’t cheating on your kids,” Jan told him.
“I know,” Percy slid his hand up her arm and onto her shoulder.


Jan was beautiful, genuine, caring, intelligent, and loyal. Percy was sure he was attracted to her for the right reasons, and not as any sort of rebound. He doesn’t want any relationship. He just wants Jans.
“Can I kiss you?” He asks, a little shyly.
“Yes you may,” Jan grins.
He kisses her carefully, gently, to make sure it feels right. And it does feel right.


Jan’s heart had been broken, too. Her husband had cheated on her, and gotten his mistress pregnant. She kicked him to the curb, and was raising her daughter alone. But Percy saw none of this brokenness in her. He just saw a fierce desire to overcome.


“Hey Greer,” Percy said as he got her ready for bed after his date with Jan. “Daddy has a girlfriend. What do you think about that?”
“Babby,” Greer replied. She couldn’t make D sounds yet, so she called Percy Babby.
“Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. Don’t tell Fanchon, okay? I want to tell her myself.”
“Goose?” Greer said hopefully. Goose was how she said juice. Besides Babby, Gampy and Vanson, (Grampy an Fanchon) it was the only word she knew.
“No juice, it’s time for bed,” Percy smiled. She was getting so big.


Greer was also starting to learn to walk. Like everything else, it took her longer than it had taken Fanchon, and she had yet to take an unaided step, despite being 15 months old.


Finally, at 16 months, Greer took her first steps, surprising even herself. She panicked when she realized she was upright with no where to go but down, but luckily Grandpa was there to save her.
“Good job, pumpkin!” Ian caught her and swung her in his arms. “Percy! She did it!”


Greer was actually much easier to potty train than Fanchon had been. She seemed to like the idea of being big like Fanchon and using the potty, and so she didn’t need much coaxing to try and use it.


Speaking of Fanchon, it was time for her to start kindergarten. She was getting so big, and occasionally she would make a face or say something a certain way, and Ian would see Judith in her. He also saw himself, and of course she looked a lot like Valerie. She was excited for school, and wanted to join the peewee soccer league, which she had decided after seeing pictures of Ian playing in the pro league.


The Thiagos were able to convert the deck into a bedroom for Fanchon and Greer, and Ian’s gym into a bedroom for Percy.


They did this so they could put in a study, and modernize the living room. Percy was finally comfortable enough with his role as head of the household that he was able to make his house more his own. He felt that it was part of his process, to truly move on.


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