Chapter Eight: New Baby

Generation Two: Percival Thiago


Chapter Eight: New Baby


Fanchon, Greer, and Jette couldn’t wait for their little sister to arrive. The three of them did pretty much everything together, and adding a fourth Thiago sister to their posse was an extremely exciting prospect for them. Percy joked that it was a good thing the baby was a girl, as they might have had a rebellion on their hands if she wasn’t. The girls were getting impatient, and as Jan’s due date came and went, the doctors decided to schedule her to come in so they could induce her, almost two weeks late. Jan was disappointed, as she’d wanted a home birth, but there was nothing she could do about it.


The baby apparently didn’t want to be born in the hospital, either, and Jan’s water broke as she got out of bed the morning she was going to be induced.
“We have to go in,” Percy urged her. “I’ll call the midwife and have her meet us there, it can still be a natural birth, but we need to go to the hospital.”
Jan wouldn’t move, however. “Louie will be here in an hour in a half,” she said in between contractions. Her brother had planned on watching the girls until they could come and see the baby. “We’ll go when he gets here.”
“Fanchon’s twelve, she can handle everything for an hour,” Percy pleaded. But Jan was adamant.

Screenshot-87Thisbe Grace Thiago was born on her momma’s bedroom floor, after a faster labor than her daddy thought was possible. The midwife rushed over, but Thisbe had already arrived when she got there. Percy, despite totally freaking out on the inside, had managed to keep it together enough to help Jan. Thankfully, after going to the hospital to get checked out, Thisbe and Jan were both just fine.

Screenshot-88“You better not be this much trouble when you get older, Tizzy,” Percy chastised his little girl playfully. “No more scaring Daddy, okay?”

Screenshot-89Jan, stubborn as ever, refused to take more than a few days off her feet. She was back to packing lunches and chasing after the three older girls as soon as she could, on top of sleepless nights and diaper changes. As far as her kids were concerned, she was super mom.

Screenshot-90Jan checked in with Jette about a month after Thisbe was born. “I understand if you’re feeling jealous, hon,” she began, but Jette cut her off.
“I’m not jealous. I love Thisbe,” Jette insisted. “Can I be excused?”
“You hardly touched your dinner,” Jan sighed, but let her go. At least she didn’t have to worry about one daughter feeling replaced by the other, which had been her greatest fear in all this.


Jette honestly didn’t feel jealous of her new sister at all. She got all the attention she needed, and even when her mom was too busy to play with her, Jette had plenty to do. She loved her chemistry set, especially.


Percy hated having to go to work all day. He felt like he was missing some of Thisbe’s milestones. But considering he was the only paycheck for a family of six, he didn’t have room to cut back on his hours.


Thisbe was such a joy. She was a really good baby, and didn’t need constant attention as long as she was in the same room as Jan. It seemed like her dramatic entrance into the world wasn’t a sign of things to come after all.


There may not have been trouble from the littlest Thiago, but Fanchon was now a teenager, the idea of which scared her father to death. It was unfair to assume that just because she’d hit the years of turmoil and angst that she would be a problem, though, and Fanchon just kept on being her laid back self, with the only trouble she made being her constant begging for a horse.


Thisbe couldn’t stay a baby forever, and as she got older her shocking blonde hair grew out along with her cheery personality. She was constantly laughing, and consistently made everyone’s day with her silliness.


She was quite the talker, as well, and began saying her first dozen or so words before she even considered to start walking.


The only one who wasn’t a huge fan of Thisbe was Domingo. They could all tell he wasn’t happy about all the attention he got, and so Jette took it upon herself to be his new best friend and play with him all he wanted.


Percy couldn’t imagine life without Thisbe. He looked back to just a few years ago, when he was a single dad with two girls. Now he was happily married with four daughters. Thisbe pulled him out of his reminiscing, by suddenly deciding to walk over to him.
“You’re doing it!” He cheered, holding out his arms to catch her.
“Tizzy do it,” Thisbe grinned up at him impishly. “Big girl.”
“Yeah, you’re a big girl,” He agreed, and kissed her little blond head.


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