Chapter Nine: Teenagers

Generation Two: Percival Thiago


Chapter Nine: Teenagers


As Percy got older, he decided it was time to get rid of his afro. It did have a bit to do with the possibility of a promotion, and wanting to look as professional as possible, but is was for his happiness, too. He felt really good about his new looks.


Greer soon entered her teenage years. She was much more of a girly girl than Fanchon, and she loved to write short stories and poetry.


Fanchon had been helping out around the house as much as she possibly could, making dinner, taking care of Thisbe, and cleaning the bathrooms whenever it need to be done. Percy and Jan had made a deal with her. If she could prove she was mature enough, she could get a horse. Over the next few months Fanchon did everything she could to make that deal a reality.


Before long all three of the big girls were teens. Jette loved all of the access to science classes that she had now, and loaded up her schedule with chemistry, biology, and physics. Jan actually had to keep her from adding environmental science as well, saying she needed to take English, Spanish, and gym, too, so she could stay on track to graduate. There was no reason to take all of the classes at once, especially not as a freshman.


Fanchon’s life long dream came true. She actually started crying when Percy said that he would get her Didi, a sixteen year old mare that someone in the neighborhood was selling for relatively cheep. She was apparently a great horse for beginners, and Fanchon loved her from the instant she saw her picture.


Too soon, it was time for Thisbe to start elementary school. How could all the girls grow up so quickly?


Although Greer wouldn’t let her family read her poetry, Percy was assured by her English teacher that she was quite talented. She was part of the poetry club at school, and wanted to be the president of it next school year.


Fanchon was yet to really ride Didi. Percy wouldn’t let her get on without her riding instructor’s watchful eyes, but that didn’t stop the two from becoming fast friends.


When Fanchon finally rode Didi on her own, she couldn’t help but be nervous. Didi took charge, though, and didn’t let Fanchon’s nerves impede their ride.


The teens all had their own interests, and no longer spent as much time together. Jette was playing in chess tournaments and was on the math team, Fanchon spent pretty much all her time with Didi, and Greer would lock herself away for hours when inspiration struck. But the three remained close, and they all knew that the second one of them needed anything, the other two would be there.


Fanchon entered her first competition with Didi. They were doing beginners showmanship, and her instructor had warned her not to have her expectations be to high, and to just have fun. So the pair went in with nothing but having fun and doing their best on their minds.


Fanchon and Didi’s best was enough to earn them third place. Fanchon proudly displayed the trophy on her dresser, and left space for the many more she hoped would come.


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