Chapter Ten: Becoming an Adult?

Generation Two: Percival Thiago


Chapter Ten: Becoming an Adult?


The girls were on their way to prom. Fanchon felt really pretty in her dress, which Greer had aided her in picking out.


Greer felt great, too. None of them were going with dates, but Greer was hoping to get a dance with her crush.


Jette didn’t wear a traditional dress, but she was super happy with her up-do.


Prom went well for Greer, especially. She had gotten that date with the guy she liked, and he had asked her out. She waited outside school while he finished up a test, and then he took her out for dinner.


Fanchon didn’t have time for boys, at least in her opinion. She and Didi were becoming a better and better team, which had resulted in another trophy.


Now that all of the girls were in school, Jan had more time for her garden. She loved feeling one with the outdoors.


Fanchon graduated! She was now an adult, or at least she was supposed to be. She didn’t really feel like one, though. She suddenly realized that she had gone almost 19 years without ever considering a boyfriend. She still really wanted to be a mother, and didn’t want to have to wait to long. If she was going to have a baby in her twenties, she only had eight or so years to meet a guy, fall in love, get married, and it was just so overwhelming. And with all those thoughts swimming in her mind, she signed up for online dating.

Screenshot-10Thisbe and Jette didn’t have any of these looming fears in their lives. They were just happy to hang out together, and with Greer, and build their skills.


Thisbe was a lucky kid. She had her three older sisters to help her with her homework whenever she got stuck.


Success! Fanchon got an email from a guy called Peter, and eventually they exchanged numbers. She called him to set up a date to a coffee shop the next weekend.

Screenshot-7She arrived at the cafe, and about ten minutes after the time they had set up, a guy showed up who sort of matched Peter’s description.
“Hey,” She walked over to him, but got a bit worried when he seemed confused. “Um, Peter?”
“No, sorry,” He smiled. “Are you here on a blind date?”
“Um, not really. Online dating,” She admitted.
“I’m Galen,” He offered after a moment of awkward silence. “I’m on a blind date, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t Marco.”
“No, I’m Fanchon,” She laughed shook his hand.
“Well, I hope you find Peter.  I’m pretty sure that guy outside with the red coat is my date,” He pointed. “So, yeah. Good luck.”
“You too,” Fanchon sat down again, disappointed.


She got herself a coffee, and then another. After half an hour it was pretty clear he wasn’t coming, but she couldn’t bring herself to go home and admit to her sisters that she’d been stood up.
She looked up, hopeful, but it was just the guy from earlier.


“You’re still here?” He asked, and came over to sit with her.
“Yeah,” Fanchon blushed.
“My date didn’t go well, either,” He admitted, seeing her embarrassment. “Turns out Marco isn’t much of an animal person. That’s a deal breaker for me.”
“That’s to bad.”
“Yeah, I’m a vegan. I’m not the kind of vegan who tries to convince other people to be vegan, but when it comes to the guys I kiss, they’ve gotta be at least a vegetarian.”
Fanchon laughed. “Makes sense to me!”
She ended up talking with Galen for almost an hour before they left.
“Hey, this is awkward, but can I have your number?” he asked before she got in her car. “I’d love to hang out again sometime.”
She agreed, and was glad he’d asked. He seemed like someone she could be good friends with, and it would have been a shame to walk away without a way to contact him.
And so Fanchon went home without a potential boyfriend, but with a potential friend. It seemed like a win to her.


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