Chapter One: Everything Changes

Generation Three: Fanchon Thiago


Chapter One: Everything Changes


Fanchon and Didi started competing in dressage and show jumping competitions. Didi had been jumping all her life, so it was mostly Fanchon who needed to learn. She was fearless, though, and met every challenge her riding instructor gave her head on.


Jan’s hair was beginning to gray. She was a bit self conscious of it, but was glad it was gray hair and not wrinkles that she was worrying about.


Didi and Fanchon worked their way up to some very difficult jumps. Things started going a bit less smoothly at that point, but they pressed forward, through every bad landing.


The littlest Thiago was no longer all that little. Thisbe grey into a real beauty. Percy thought she looked a bit like Judith. She was a really social kid, and secretly had a bit of a rebellious spirit.


Greer’s graduation came, opening her up to a world of opportunity. She wanted to be a journalist, staying a bit away from her love of poetry and fiction.


Jette’s graduation wasn’t far behind Greer’s. In fact, she had already been given an offer for an internship at a biology lab for after she graduated.
“Why is it even a question?” Greer asked. “Of course you should take it! That sort of thing is once in a lifetime.”
“It’s so far away,” Jette explained. “I don’t know if I could make that move.”
“You can,” Greer assured her, “it’ll be so worth it.”
“I don’t know.”


Finally, Didi and Fanchon were feeling confident enough to start some real jumping competitions. They were nailing 90% of the jumps they took. It was exhilarating, flying through the air on the back of her best friend.


Jette decided to take the internship. She would be moving an hour away, but she wouldn’t be going alone. Greer was coming along, as she had found a job about fifteen minutes away from the house Jette would be renting.


The first night after Jette and Greer moved out, Percy was a wreck.
“Dad, they’re fine. They’ll be okay,” Fanchon assured him.
“Do you think I should call?”
“Tomorrow, maybe. Let them settle in,” Fanchon said.
“Yeah, you’re right,” Percy sighed. He hadn’t anticipated how hard it would be for his girls to leave the nest.


The house Greer and Jette were renting was massive. They were living on the second story, while the owner lived on the first. They had access to the pool, and they had their own private deck. It was a great arrangement.


Percy was feeling incredibly sentimental, and decided to blow up some of the pictures he’d taken of the girls for a portrait to display in the living room. He started with Fanchon, who was embarrassed to have her face on the wall, but she didn’t protest too much. She liked the picture, even if it was awkward.


Somehow, everything had changed around Fanchon. She felt like her sisters were growing up, and she wasn’t. While they got jobs and boyfriends and went to parties, she watched from the back of her horse. She loved competing and training, but she was twenty two, and that was all she had. Girls in their twenties were supposed to be reckless and adventurous, and she just wasn’t. She couldn’t articulate why, but she felt lonely, even though she was surrounded by people that loved her.


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