Chapter Two: Be Smart

Generation Three: Fanchon Thiago


Chapter Two: Be Smart


Fanchon chose to breed Didi while she was still young enough. It was rather expensive, and it took a few tries, but eventually it took. The stallion Fanchon had chosen was a gorgeous light bay, and had done well for himself in shows. She was very hopeful that the foal would be not only pretty to look at, but good at jumping and dressage once he was trained.


Percy was still working on his portraits of the girls. He wanted them to reflect their personalities as best as he could.


After he finished the girls, he moved on to Jan. She was reluctant, but eventually he convinced her to let him do a little photo shoot.


Percy was so happy with the way they all came out. He managed to capture the look that Jan gave him whenever he was caught up in his artwork, a sort of bemused and admiring little smile.


Thisbe was a good kid, in many ways. She was loving and intelligent, but at the same time, Percy and Jan got the feeling that she often didn’t tell them the truth about her whereabouts. Their suspicions were confirmed one night while she was on a sleepover with one of her friends. Jan called to ask her what time they needed to pick her up the next morning, but Thisbe didn’t pick up her cellphone. When Jan called the other girl’s parents, they said they thought the girls were at the Thiago’s house. It turned out they had gone to hang out with some older guys that Thisbe knew her parents would disapprove of. This got her grounded for a few weeks, which was boring and awful for Thisbe, but awesome for Domingo. Jan and Percy crossed their fingers that she would outgrow the rebellious phase.


Fanchon’s friendship with the guy she had met at the cafe, Galen, was one of the few things that Fanchon felt really adult about. She and Galen would often go out for drinks together. They really enjoyed each other’s company.
“My mother thinks we should get together,” Galen laughed.
“She knows I’m not your type, right?”
“I think she’s still holding out hope that I’ll change my mind. She wants grandkids,” Galen shook his head. “That wouldn’t be happening even if I did like women, though.”
“Not a fan of kids?”
“Not if I’m the one who has to take care of them!”


Fanchon didn’t share Galen’s sentiment. She wanted a baby so badly, but at this point she was worried it would never happen. She just hadn’t met anyone who she could see herself dating, let alone having kids with. She found herself jealous of her horse, as ridiculous as it sounded. As the vet came and made sure everything was going well with the pregnancy, Fanchon couldn’t help but feel like she was missing something.


Domingo needed to be put down. He was even older than Fanchon, and he just couldn’t get around anymore. The vet advised them that he was living in too much pain, and it would be more humane to have him put to sleep. Percy understood, but it was still a difficult decision. After the fact he started a portrait of his little buddy, who’d been a great friend through all of his toughest times.


Didi’s foal was due any day, and Fanchon had to keep a watchful eye on her to make sure she didn’t try and do anything too strenuous. Didi seemed to understand the situation, and her maternal instinct was good enough to tell her to lay low until the baby arrived.


Thisbe hadn’t exactly learned her lesson. The older kids she had been hanging out with thought she was really cool, and wanted her to come to their parties. So far she had said no, but she was really tempted, and once she got the chance she knew she would go for it. She wasn’t stupid, and she knew what she was doing. One of the guys, Jake, was really totally into her. He texted her all the time, and he was so sweet. He wouldn’t let anything happen to her if she went to one of the parties.


Didi’s little colt arrived safely, with little difficulty. Fanchon named him Coal, and as soon as she saw him she fell in love. She could tell he would be a great horse.


Didi was a really good mom. She never let Coal out of her sight, and was always keeping a watchful eye over everything he did.


Fanchon often tried to help Thisbe out with her homework. She found it was a good time to get her to talk about what was going on in her life.
“Wait, which one is a sign function?” Thisbe asked.
“That one,” Fanchon pointed to a graph on Thisbe’s worksheet.
“And that’s a cosign?”
Thisbe didn’t say anything for a second, but Fanchon could tell she wanted to tell her something. “Um, you can’t tell dad this,” Thisbe said finally.
“I had my first kiss today. Well, like, proper kiss.”
“Really? Who did you kiss?”
“Just this guy, we’re not dating or anything.”
“But you kiss?”
“It wasn’t ever a real kiss, until today. I think he wants me to be his girlfriend.”
“Be smart, Tizzy. That’s all I’m going to say,” Fanchon put her arm around her sister shoulders and squeezed her tight. “Just be smart.”


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