Chapter Five: In Her Own Hands

Generation Three: Fanchon


Chapter Five: In Her Own Hands


Little Owen was a gem. Fanchon adored him, but it was a bit awkward. Thisbe was clearly uncomfortable with Fanchon spending too much time with her son. Of course Fanchon had no hard feelings that Thisbe hadn’t gone through with putting up for adoption, but Thisbe still worried that Fanchon wanted her baby.


Thisbe did her best to help out around the house, complete her online courses, and take care of Owen, but it was difficult. She needed help from Fanchon and Jan, who were home all day anyway. She didn’t want to accept that she wasn’t the perfect mother, and felt like it was a failure to ask Jan to watch Owen for an hour while she finished up an exam. She thought she knew what she was getting herself into, but motherhood turned out to be a lot harder then she had expected.


Meanwhile, Fanchon was mothering Coal. She loved the little guy, and their relationship was something truly special. She had high hopes for their team work once he was old enough to be trained.


Thisbe’s eighteenth birthday came with little celebration. She was already as much of as adult as she could be, except now she had a diploma.


She got a job at the police station, filing paperwork and making copies. It wasn’t what she wanted to do, in truth she wanted to just stay home with Owen, but she needed to stop mooching. Her part time job just wasn’t cutting it.


Jette’s boyfriend had a baby from a previous relationship who Jette was in the process of officially adopting. Fanchon went to visit, and instantly fell in love with her soon to be nephew. Duncan was such a happy little boy, who giggled and cooed the whole time Fanchon was there.


Greer’s baby was due in less then a month. She and Geoffrey declined to find out the sex of their baby. Fanchon thought he was going to be a boy, but Greer said she changed her mind pretty much daily about what she thought it was.


Owen was getting so big. He looked nothing like Thisbe. His dad still wasn’t doing anything more than paying child support when he was forced to. Thisbe was heartbroken. If he would just look at his son, she knew he would fall in love.


Fanchon was through waiting. She made an appointment with a fertility specialist to discuss invitro-fertilization. The doctor confirmed she was a good candidate, and in a few weeks Fanchon began the process. It was painful and the side effects weren’t pleasant, but the first attempt worked. She’d chosen an African-American donor who was six feet tall and had no family history of heart disease or cancer. That was pretty much all she knew. She was so happy, though, and couldn’t wait to meet the baby she’d longed for for so long.


Rather than their usual outing, Fanchon asked Galen to come over.
“How are you doing?” He asked. “Starting to have weird cravings?”
“I lost it,” Fanchon teared up.
Galen sighed, and said nothing. He just sat her down and held her as she sobbed.


Fanchon’s tragedy overshadowed Owen’s first steps a bit. Everyone but the toddler was walking on eggshells around the house, trying everything they could to comfort Fanchon and avoid making her feel worse.


The sorrow was soon replaced by joy. Fanchon had tried again, and yet again was successful. She was wary to get too excited, but she had to celebrate. She arraigned with Greer to visit, and meet her little niece, Aspen.
“You don’t want to get your hopes up, Fanchon. I know that sounds bad, but you know what I mean,” Greer advised.
“Yeah,” Fanchon agreed, but in her heart there was no way she could keep down her hope.


Coal was finally old enough to be sat on. She couldn’t do anything else, and she was a bit nervous to even do that, in case anything would go wrong. She didn’t want to fall and risk hurting her baby.


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