Chapter Four: Indescretion

Generation Three: Fanchon Thiago


Chapter Four: Indiscretion

Screenshot-55Fanchon was walking up to bed when Thisbe called her into her room.
“I need help,” Thisbe admitted, a desperate look in her eyes. Fanchon had been noticing a difference in Thisbe for a while now, but she didn’t want to make assumptions, and had been waiting for Thisbe to come to her. And now that she finally had, Fanchon couldn’t keep the anxiety for building up in her heart.


“What’s wrong?” Fanchon asked, trying not to sound as worried as she felt.
“Can you drive me to the hospital?” Thisbe said softly, trying not to look her sister in the eyes. “I need to get a test done.”
“What kind of test?” Fanchon’s voice was shaking. This is what she was dreading.
“Um, for STI’s,” Thisbe’s voice broke, and her eyes starting to fill with tears.
“Oh, honey,” Fanchon pulled her sister to her just as Thisbe started to sob.
“We used protection, but it didn’t work,” She said.
“Do you need another type of test, too?” Fanchon asked.
“No,” Thisbe started to shake.
“Are you sure?”
“I already took one.”
Fanchon didn’t have to ask what the results were. Thisbe’s face said it all.
“You need to tell Mom and Dad.”


Thisbe didn’t put off coming clean. She didn’t want them finding out from Fanchon.
“I’m so sorry, Mom,” She said.
“For what?” Jan eyed her suspiciously.
“I screwed up.”
“Tizzy, are you pregnant?” Jan asked bluntly. Thisbe was taken aback.
“You knew?”
“Oh God,” Jan whispered. “Okay. No, I didn’t know. How far along are you?” She tried to shove her emotions down. Freaking out wouldn’t help anyone.
“I don’t know. Like two or three months, maybe a bit more” Thisbe admitted.
“So… this wasn’t a one time encounter, then.”
“I’m sorry,” Thisbe repeated.
“Have you thought about what you’re going to do?” Jan moved on. She didn’t want to think about how this had happened.
“I don’t know. I think maybe adoption.”


Jan filled Percy in when he got home from work. He found Thisbe sitting on her bed, staring into space.
“Mom told me,” He said. Thisbe shot up.
“Dad, I’m sorry. I should have been more responsible.”
“Well, we can’t change that now,” He went to hug her, but she stopped him.
“You aren’t mad?”
“Of course I’m mad. But we just have to get through this. It’s better for everyone if we skip the yelling, don’t you think?”
“Yeah,” Thisbe said warily.
“I love you, Thisbe. There’s literally nothing you can do to change that.”
“I love you too,” Thisbe bit her lip, confused. She’d expected to be screamed at, and maybe even kicked out. She certainly hadn’t expected a hug.


The sonogram confirmed Thisbe was ten weeks pregnant. School was almost out for the summer, and she decided to finish out the year, and then see what she would do about next year when it got closer. Thisbe was still planning to put the baby up for adoption, but every now and then she had some serious doubts.


Fanchon got together with Galen pretty much once a month.
“How are you holding up?” He asked.
“I don’t know. It’s stupid, I know, but I’m so jealous of her. I hate that I feel that way.”
“She’s putting the baby up for adoption, right? Did you guys talk about maybe you raising it?” “I haven’t brought it up, but I’ve been thinking about it. I don’t know how to say it, though. Do I just walk up to her and say can I have your baby?” Fanchon laughed uncomfortably.
“Why not?” Galen grinned. “It would be a win win.”
“It’s not that simple, though,” Fanchon pointed out. “It’s a baby, I can’t just take her.”


Fanchon brought up adopting Thisbe’s baby. Thisbe said she’d think about it, but the thought of letting anyone, especially her sister, raise the baby was too much.
The more she thought about it, the more she felt like she was making the wrong decision.


After finding out her baby’s gender, Thisbe changed her mind. She would be keeping her son. Percy and Jan were a bit saddened, as this would make life so much harder for Thisbe, but they could see she was sure, and at the end of the day they were glad that they would be able to be a part of their grandson’s life.


Geoffrey Ruiz, Greer’s long time boy friend, had proposed. Fanchon and Thisbe really liked him, and thought he would make a great brother in law. Greer announced that she was also expecting, which was both exciting and painful for Fanchon. She wished she could stop being so jealous, but her desire for a baby overshadowed her ability to be excited for her sisters.


Thisbe decided not to go back to school in the fall. She enrolled in an online high school, and would be doing it from home. She still had tons of work, and would need to be incredibly disciplined in getting everything in on time. She liked that you could go at your own pace, and so she sped through as much course work as possible before the baby was born.


Thisbe wasn’t sure she wanted to draw attention to her pregnancy, but Percy insisted he take some pictures of her belly. If not for her sake, then for the baby’s when he got older. He hung one of them over the crib, reasoning that he didn’t want his grandson to think for a second that his existence was shameful.


It was snowing when Thisbe went into labor. It was an unusual snow, much earlier then expected. Thisbe couldn’t help by wax poetic about it on the car ride to the hospital, even through the pain.


Thisbe brought home a healthy, large baby boy. She named him Owen. His father had wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy, and even though she called him from the hospital he declined to come see his son.


Percy couldn’t believe he was a grandpa. He might not have expected it so early in life, but now that he had a grandbaby, and another on the way, he embraced the title wholeheartedly. He feared for Owen and Thisbe’s future, but he was certainly glad that Owen existed.


“I’m so sorry, Owen,” Thisbe whispered, the first night he was home. “I’m sorry you didn’t get a better mommy. But I’m going to do the best I can, okay? And you’ve got a grandma who’s going to help out. And a grandpa who’s going to spoil you like crazy. We’re going to do okay, you and me. I wish I could offer you better, but right now all I’ve got is okay.”


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