Chapter Three: Don’t Be Mad

Generation Three: Fanchon Thiago


Chapter Three: Don’t Be Mad

Screenshot-39Thisbe got permission to go to Jake’s house after school, as long as his parents were home. The two of them weren’t really dating, but they were fooling around a bit, which Thisbe had managed to keep from Percy and Jan. Fanchon new that something was up, and that it probably wasn’t the best first relationship, but she didn’t want to ruin the trust between she and Thisbe by telling their parents something she’d clearly been supposed to keep to herself. Fanchon promised herself that she wouldn’t let Thisbe do anything dangerous, but it didn’t seem like a line had been crossed, yet.


Thanksgiving had never been a big holiday in the Thiago house, but Jan decided to have a full blown feast with all the traditional favorites. She and Percy tag teamed the preparation of the massive meal. Fanchon was an awful cook, but she bought some flowers to decorate the table as her contribution.


Jette and Greer came, and brought even more food. Living on their own had pushed them to pick up some life skills, but they still weren’t all that great at cooking for themselves. Jette had figured out how to make casseroles, but that was about it. They mostly ate microwave meals and sandwiches.


Greer brought hot dogs, as she wanted to contribute but didn’t have time to actually make something.


Thanksgiving was wonderful, and it was great to have the family together. That night, though, Thisbe skipped the board games that Percy wanted to play in favor of black friday shopping with a few friends.
Fanchon stopped her before she left. “Who’s really going to be there?”
“Just some people. And yeah, Jake’s going, if that’s what your asking.”
“Be smart,” Fanchon reiterated.

Screenshot-45Thisbe didn’t end up going shopping.


The group of teens hit up a pretty quiet bar. One of the guys knew the bartender, so they didn’t have to worry about being carded.


Thisbe ended up having a bit too much, and pretty quickly she was the one trying to get the party going, to the embarrassment of a couple of her friends.

Screenshot-49Thisbe got away with her shenanigans, but she felt horrible. Not just from the hangover, but the guilt was giving her so much anxiety that she couldn’t sleep, and her stomach was constantly in knots. Every time she was alone with Percy or Jan she wondered if they had found out she lied to them and were about to confront her.


Percy and Jan were sleeping just fine. They had no idea that Thisbe was in over her head. They did notice that she was a bit off, but they didn’t know why.


Thisbe couldn’t take it any more. Almost a full month later she came clean.
“Don’t get mad,” She prefaced, after pulling Percy aside. She figured he would be easier to tell. He would get upset, and Jan would just be heartbroken. She’d rather be yelled at then see how disappointed her mother was.
“What is it?” Percy dreaded what she was going to say.
“I lied to you guys. When I said I went Black Friday shopping, I actually went to a bar, and I got drunk with some friends. I know I should have told you. I’m so sorry, Daddy.”
Percy sighed. It could be worse, he thought. “I can’t trust you, can I?”
Thisbe looked at her feet in shame. “Not really.”
“I just don’t know what to do, Thisbe. I don’t want to smother you, but we have rules for a reason.”
“I know.”
“Lets go talk to Mom, okay?” Percy put his arm around her and lead her into the living room. Screenshot-53

Fanchon saw the look on Percy’s face, and quickly headed outside to give them some space.
“Do you think I should have said something about Tizzy?” She asked Coal, who responded by trying to nibble her tank top.
“Yeah, I don’t know either.”


Thisbe was grounded, and had her phone taken away for a month.
“Is that actually going to stop you from doing it again?” Fanchon asked.
“I’m going to stop.”
“I need to be more responsible,” Thisbe said, a bit reluctantly.
“Yeah, that would be good. Maybe you could get your grades back up.”
“Probably not,” Thisbe sighed sadly. Fanchon gave her a weird look, trying to figure out what was up. Thisbe turned away, but then looked back. “Um, what’s more important, family or grades?”
“Family or grades? Tizzy, you don’t need to spend so much time with me and mom and dad that your grades slip. You can have both, pretty easily.”
“Yeah, I guess your right,” Thisbe shrugged and went back to her chores. Fanchon walked away confused. She just didn’t understand what went through Thisbe’s mind.


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