Chapter Six: Finally

Generation Three: Fanchon Thiago


Chapter Six: Finally


Percy was getting older, and he was finally starting to look like a grandpa.


Fanchon was feeling the effects of her pregnancy, but the discomfort was welcome. She was still paranoid that she would lose the baby again, and she found morning sickness almost comforting, as it assured her the baby was still there.


Fanchon had completely stopped riding her horses, and wouldn’t be until the baby was born. She wasn’t taking any chances. She hired her old riding instructor to continue Coal’s training, as he couldn’t afford to go eight months without being ridden. He was still too young to stop his consistent routine. Not riding didn’t ease up on the chores at all, though.


Fanchon reached two months along, and she was starting to let herself calm down some, and worry a little less about miscarrying.  Percy was getting excited, too.


Fanchon managed to get down to visit Greer’s little daughter, Aspen. There was none of the jealousy that Fanchon had experience before her pregnancy. It was so much nicer to just be able to enjoy her niece without feeling like she was a reminder of what Fanchon was missing.


Greer and Jette still lived near by each other, and so Fanchon stopped off at Jette’s before heading home. When she showed up, the two of them looked each other up and down, before laughing out loud.
“I like your coat,” Jette teased.
“Is there a reason you would be shopping in the maternity section?” Fanchon asked, curiously.
“I wasn’t going to tell anyone until everything got finalized with Duncan’s adoption,” Jette explained. “But yeah, I’m about three months.”
It was a season of pregnancy for the sisters who’d always done everything together.


Fanchon was doing everything she could think of to prepare herself for motherhood. She was taking a parenting class that was designed for single parents, was reading anything and everything, and spent hours planning the nursery. She had a plan drawn out for a boy and a girl. She wanted to be surprised, and so she needed to go for a neutral color scheme that could be changed up pretty easily based on who would be living in it.


Her most recent trip to the OBGYN shattered those plans, though. She was having twins. She had to double pretty much everything, including the names. She’d already chosen the name for one baby, and now she needed another. It didn’t take her long to make her mind up, though. She decided on Destry for baby A, a unisex name meaning war horse, and either Philip or Philippa for baby B, which meant lover of horses.


Jan was happy for Fanchon, of course, but she was a bit stressed out by the idea of having two infants about, as well as Owen, who was at the age where he got into everything. Thisbe was working more and more hours, trying to save up for her own apartment, which left Jan taking care of her grandson far more often then she had thought she would when she agreed to provide free childcare.


Owen luckily wasn’t little for too much longer. He was still a handful, but at least he could do more for himself.


Fanchon felt bad that she couldn’t ride Didi or Coal, but it wasn’t for much longer, and she thought that Didi understood somehow.


The last few weeks of her pregnancy were really tough. Fanchon was unbelievably large, or at least she felt like it, and just getting around was a challenge. Her OBGYN said the babies seemed to be in position to come out at any time, and put her on bed rest to try and keep them in as long as she could.


Owen really liked living with his grandparents. There was always someone to play with him.


Thisbe was of a different mind. She was sick of living at home, and needed to get her own space. Finally she found an apartment in her price range, and she and Owen moved out of the Thiago house and into the apartment as quickly as they could.


The house wasn’t going to be quiet for long, though. Just two days after Thisbe left, Fanchon went into full blow labor. She’d managed to make it until 37 weeks, which was pretty good for twins.


The babies were perfectly healthy, just a little small. Both were over five pounds, and were eating just fine, so they were able to come home after just two days. Baby A was a little girl, Destry Judith.


And Baby B was also a girl, Philippa Greer. She’d decided to keep the trend and use family names for the middles. Both girls were absolutely perfect as far as Fanchon was concerned. Having them home, her babies, was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She was almost afraid that she was going to wake up and find it was a dream. But looking at tiny little Philippa, and have her look right back at her, was so wonderfully real.


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