Chapter Seven: Raising the Twins

Generation Three: Fanchon Thiago


Chapter Seven: Raising the Twins


Fanchon finally got a barn built on the back of the garage. She hired a construction company, and had them install a third stall, so that she could board a horse if she wanted to.


She found a local equestrian who was looking for a place to board his horse while he spent a year and a half teaching in Thailand. Fanchon was happy to have the extra income, and the best part was that he was allowing her to breed his horse, Ophelia, with Coal.


Ophelia and Coal were adorable when Fanchon let them meet, they hit it off right away and she could tell she would have no problems breeding them. She couldn’t wait to see their little baby.


Fanchon’s little babies were getting big fast, and already were so different. Destry was clever and absolutely fearless. She was independent, too, and had no problem amusing herself.


Little Philippa had a rough start. Her hearing had been tested when she was born, but she’d been uncooperative, and screamed through the whole thing, both times they tried. Fanchon brought her back the next week to try again, and the results showed hearing loss. Fanchon didn’t know how bad it was, as it seemed like Philippa was just as responsive to her voice as Destry was, but the audiologist revealed that her hearing was only about 75% of what it should be in her right ear, and 50% in her left. Now that she was a toddler, she was fitted with a hearing aid for her left ear, which left her with below average, but much better, hearing as long as she wore it. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the hearing aid, and pretty much left it alone when she was wearing it.


Fanchon felt guilty about Philippa’s troubles. It seemed like her condition was genetic, and it either came from her father, which was unlikely, because as a donor he had to be tested for most conditions that could be passed down, or it came from Fanchon. Percy didn’t think there was anything on his side, so it was probably from Valerie’s family. Fanchon hated to think she’d given this to her baby.
“It’s not my fault,” She said aloud, trying to convince herself. “Right, Di?”
Didi didn’t care one way or the other. She was happy to be competing again.


Jan had been a bit worried about having more kids around. She didn’t want to become the constant baby sitter again. But Fanchon was must more conscious about the amount of time Percy or Jan spent watching them than Thisbe had been, and Jan soon fell in love with her little grandkids. They weren’t biologically hers, but that had never mattered.


Percy was enamored as well. Recently he hadn’t been doing well health wise, but he did whatever he could to help Fanchon.


Jan joined Percy in old age. She’d always been gorgeous, and that didn’t change with age.


Fanchon successfully bred Coal and Ophelia, and was so glad she did. Baby Pemma was adorable.


Philippa was surprisingly easy to potty train. She wanted to be a big girl.


She wasn’t as good at walking. Her balance wasn’t great, probably because of her hearing. It took her a while, but she got it eventually.

Screenshot-132Destry walked much sooner then her sister. She had no fear of falling over, and threw herself into walking head on.


Didi was getting older, and Fanchon decided it was time to retire her. She’d done so well for her, and now it was time for her to graze and live out her days relaxing.


“Night Mama,” Destry was such a good sleeper. She didn’t fight it when Fanchon put her down at night.
“Goodnight, sweetie.”
Philippa on the other hand required a ton of coaxing. Fanchon had taken to putting Destry to bed early, and then spending the next hour rocking and trying to convince Philippa to fall asleep.


Philippa had a big personality that demanded attention from the people around her. Now that she was walking and talking, there was no stopping the little spit fire. Before she’d been timid and followed Destry’s lead, but now she was bossing her sister around like nobody’s business.


Fanchon knew that every parent thought this, but she knew her girls would do great things someday.


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