Chapter Eight: Growing Up Girls

Generation Three: Fanchon Thiago


Chapter Eight: Growing Up Girls


Fanchon and Coal had begun competing together. He was a great horse, and she couldn’t wait to see what they could do together.


Destry and Philippa were growing up, and soon they would be starting school. Destry was lovely, but she really liked to get dirty and run around. Fanchon didn’t care if she wanted to play in the mud and hunt for bugs or whatever, as long as she was happy.


Philippa was still feisty as ever, and she was very confident in herself. She loved to learn, pretty much everything that she could, so that she could impress everyone around her.


The girls got their own rooms. Destry’s was in what used to be the nursery.


Philippa moved into Jette’s old room.


Philippa had a captive audience in Destry. She loved playing chess against her.


Pemma was almost to the age that she didn’t need her momma too much, which was good, because Ophelia was going back to her owner soon.


The girls were pretty nervous for their first day of school. Philippa was worried that people would make fun of her hearing aid, and Destry assured her that if anyone was mean she would make them stop.


Fanchon was trying to train Pemma, who was a little crazy.


She tapped into that energy by running the jumping course with her. Pemma loved it, too.


Fanchon was pretty proud of her abilities in competitions. She was doing well, and had a massive amount of trophies.


Percy went to his final day at work. He no longer had the energy to handle work life, even if it was just an hour here and there. He wasn’t doing well.


The girls were both studious, luckily for Fanchon. She rarely had to coax them into doing their homework, and they were able to help each other out when one of them got stuck.


Percy was hospitalized after the heart palpitations and shortness of breath he’d been experiencing got to the point where he needed to be on oxygen. His doctors were very clear with Jan and Fanchon, he didn’t have much time. Fanchon put a rush on a project she’d planned on, using the lot beside the Thiago house as a family cemetery.


Percy passed away a few weeks after he was hospitalized. He was buried in the new cemetery, right next to his parents, who Fanchon had paid extra to have moved there.
Jan was of course devastated. She’d lost the love of her life. Fanchon was surprised at how well she was handling things, though. She knew her father had died happy and comfortable, and there was nothing to be gained by mourning him. She felt at peace with his passing, and her attitude helped her girls and her sisters pull through.



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